HTC 兩部新機 HTC Desire HD 和 HTC Desire Z

HTC Desire HDHTC Desire Z

HTC 最新公佈了兩部Android新手機, 分別為HTC Desire HD 和 HTC Desire Z. 兩部手機都會配置了改進版本的HTC 自家用戶界面 HTC Sense. 另外, 亦提供了一個新的功能 可以讓用戶透過電腦去管理手機, 例如: 當電話掉失後, 可透過電腦將電話發送聲響並調較至最大聲. 亦可將被盜手機遙控上鎖等.

HTC Desire HD
HTC Desire HD配置4.3吋大屏幕, 1GHz處理器, Dolby Mobile and SRS 聲效, 支援720P 高清攝錄, 配備800萬鏡頭.

HTC Desire Z
HTC Desire Z 配置了QWERTY 鍵盤, 800MHz處理器, 亦可支援720P 高清攝錄, 配備500萬鏡頭

HTC Desire HD 和 HTC Desire Z 會於十月在歐洲和亞洲市場推出.

HTC 網站 Desire HD 介紹

HTC Corporation, a global designer of smartphones, today unveiled a new HTC Sense experience with the new HTC Desire HDTM and HTC Desire ZTM Android-based smartphones. The new HTC Sense experience continues HTC’s strong focus on the customer, placing people at the center by simply making its phones work in a more personal and natural way. HTC Sense introduces a number of key innovations including a series of connected services called that enhance people’s mobile experience on HTC phones.

Source: HTC