Nexus One 更新至 FRG83D

Google Nexus One 又有更新! 不是Gingerbread, 只是Android 2.2 Froyo 內的更新. 由之前的FRG83 升級至 FRG83D. 根據 AndroidCentral forum, 這次更新只有1.3MB, 都是一些Patches 和 Bug fixes 之類的修正. 當中包括: Android Market, Google service framework, 還有 Google Email Application.

使用 Nexus One 的用家相信在這幾天會陸續收到更新通知, 透過OTA進行更新.

The Google Nexus One just got itself a little update. It’s still Android 2.2.1 — no Gingerbread yet, folks — and the 1.3MB download looks to be a bunch of patches and bugfixes. We’ve poked around it for a few minutes, and here’s what we see:

The Froyo framework has been patched, as has the applications debugger. When we look at the system applications, each has a small patch, but Vending (the Android Market, which is now at Version 2.12), the Google services framework, and the GoogleEmail application (not Gmail) has a larger patch in place. There’s also a small patch to the stock recovery.

Source: Android Central