Google: 全球Android 裝置達 250,000,000 部

Google: 全球Android 裝置達 250,000,000 部

Google 公佈了2011年第四季的盈利表覝,而 CEO Larry Page 亦公佈了一些有關 Android 的數字。

– 全球 Android 裝置達 250,000,000 部 (2億5千萬), 較十一月時增長5千萬
– 每日有 700,000 部新裝置啟動
– 在聖誕假期的周末,有 3,700,000 部新裝置啟動
– Android Market 總下載超過 11,000,000,000 (一百一十億), 一個月前才一百億呢!

Android is quite simply mind boggling:

— 700K phones are lit up every day– and I’m pleased to announce 250M Android devices in total, up 50M since our last announcement just in November.
— In just two days over the holiday weekend, 3.7M Androids were activated.
— And today we’re announcing over 11BN downloads from Android Market. Wow!

Ice Cream Sandwich–which is a new Android release in October is by far our best build yet. And there are exciting new phones. I simply love my new Galaxy Nexus … it’s super fast, great for photos, and has an amazing 720p screen.

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