Microsoft 推出 Office Remote App,可遙控電腦上文件

Microsoft 推出 Office Remote for Android 手機 App,可以在手機上開啟電腦上的 Powerpoint, Excel 和 Word 檔案。

操控 Powerpoint, Excel 和 Word
有了 Office Remote for Android 可以控制 PowerPoint Slide 轉換, 檢視 Speaker Notes 亦可在手機上操控 On-screen pointer。

Office Remote PowerpointOffice Remote Powerpoint

除了 Powerpoint 控制投影片外,亦可以控制 Excel Worksheet 在試算表和圖表切換,亦可操控檢視。在 Word 上,亦可以透過手機上下捲動文件,檢視不同部份和備註等。

Office Remote for Android ExcelOffice Remote for Android Word

不過要使用這個 Office Remote for Android,電腦上亦要一些配合。首先要使用 Microsoft Office 2013,之前的版本不可用;而且還要安裝 Desktop add-in for Office Remote (,電腦還要有藍芽支援。

– View current slide and laser point using touch on your phone
– Next slide preview
– Play and pause embedded audio and video files
– View slide thumbnails and jump to a slide
– View speaker notes on your phone
– View presentation timer and slide numbers

– Change worksheets by swiping
– Use Slicers, PivotTable, and Filters
– Jump to any named object in your workbook
– Move up or down the worksheet
– Change the zoom level

– Jump to headings
– Jump to comments
– Screen up/down
– Line up/down
– Change the zoom level