Android 7 Nougat Xposed Framework 仍在開發中

XPosed Framework

Android 7.0 Nougat 已經推出了一段時間,7.1 亦已推出了。不過很多 Mod 還未支援仍是在開發階段,包括 Xposed Framework。

Xposed Framework Developer, Rovo89, 在 XDA 出 Post 講述了 Xposed 在 Android 7 Nougat 的情況。Rovo89 指一般來說是已可運作,但當使用 inline methods 和 JIT 就會不穩定,他正在思考不同的處理情況並進行相關的測試,並會修正相關的問題。理想的情況是不用將整個 ROM 從正 Comile 編譯,但仍不確定是否可行。

Hooks are generally working now. However, they’re still unreliable for inlined methods and when JIT is used (which is often the case). I had give a few technical insights here. I’m currently thinking about the different situations that need to be handled and I create unit tests for them. Then I need to fix those which are failing or even crashing the device – ideally without recompiling the whole ROM like in previous versions. Not sure if the latter is possible though.

似乎還有不少工作才完成,相信還要一段時間才會有 Xposed for Nougat 呢。

Source: XDA