CyanogenMod 終結, LineageOS 開始

Lineage OS

經過一輪爭議,Cyanogen Inc. 公司旗下不少員工會離開,包括 Cyanogen 創始人 Steve Kondik,CyanogenMod 亦到達終結時。 Cyanogen Inc. 宣佈 Cyanogen Services 和 Cyanogen 支援的 Nightly Builds 亦會在 2016年12月31日終止。

As part of the ongoing consolidation of Cyanogen, all services and Cyanogen-supported nightly builds will be discontinued no later than 12/31/16. The open source project and source code will remain available for anyone who wants to build CyanogenMod personally.

即是話,由 Cyanogen Inc. 提供的基建架構 包括 Nightly Buiild Servers 會停止,而 CyanogenMod Official Development 亦會終止。

新名字 Lineage OS
另一方面 CyanogenMod 團隊亦貼文交代,表示除了基建架構終止,團隊亦無法就 CM 表達意見。 CyanogenMod 往後的變化,未來就會以新命字 LineageOS 出發,背後同樣有 Steve Kondik 參與,依舊是一個由大眾主導的項目。

In addition to infrastructure being retired, we in the CM community have lost our voice in the future direction of CM

It will come as no surprise that this most recent action from Cyngn is definitely a death blow for CyanogenMod.

We will take pride in our Lineage as we move forward and continue to build on its legacy

Lineage OS 亦設立了網站,暫時未有特別的消息,內容寫著 “This is us”,表示 LineageOS 會是 CyanogenMod 的延續,並指就算 Open Source Project 就算不再獲得公司支援亦代表它會就此告終。最後就寫著 星期二會有更多資料發放。

So, yes, this is us. LineageOS will be a continuation of what CyanogenMod was. To quote Andy Rubin, this is the definition of open. A company pulling their support out of an open source project does not mean it has to die.

Lineage OS 網站