LG 公佈推出 LG G6+, 配備 128GB, B&O Play 耳機

LG G6+ Color

之前已有消息流傳 LG 會推出 G6 變種機,終於 LG 公佈將會推出 LG G6+。

新顏色:藍色, 金色
LG G6+ 跟原先 G6 其實分別不大。G6+ 會配備 128GB 內置儲存,並會有無線充電功能 (部份國家推出),還有跟機會有 B&O Play 耳機,可以更完美體驗 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC。G6+ 會有三種顏色選擇藍色 (Optical Marine Blue), 黑色 (Optical Astro Black) 以及金色 (Optical Terra Gold)。

Face Print 臉容識辨
軟件功能方面,LG 會加入 臉容識辨 Face Print 功能, 低耗電 Low Power Consumption 以及相機鏡頭覆蓋提示 Covered Lens Warning。

臉容識辨 Face Print – 只要將相機打直面向自己,就可以用臉容解鎖,需時少於一秒。
低耗電 Low Power Consumption -受惠於 Google Contextual Hub Runtime Environment 技術,All-Ways Aware hub 可以不停接收感應器和無線網絡的數據資料,並減低電量消耗和延時。
相機鏡頭覆蓋提示 Covered Lens Warning – 若果用家在拍照時,手指伸入了鏡頭前就會在屏幕上有提示。

LG G6+ 推出時間會因應不同地區而定。至於原本 LG G6 亦會透過系統軟件更新獲得上述的新功能,另外亦會跟 G6+ 一樣,會追加藍色和金色。

LG G6+

Never One to Stop Innovating, LG Pushes Out Significant
Software Update as Well as First Flagship Variant

SEOUL, June 19, 2017 — Starting next month, LG (Electronics) is expanding the capabilities of its highly regarded LG G6 with an enhanced security option and user-friendlier features. New capabilities in the form of Face Print, Low Power Consumption and Covered Lens warning will be introduced to existing devices via a software update and included in all new LG G6 units sold. In addition to these upgrades, LG is introducing a new version of the G6, the LG G6+, featuring additional storage and premium sound.

Face Print is an enhanced security option developed by LG that is more convenient to use than existing facial recognition technology. With Face Print, owners can unlock the LG G6 by simply holding the phone up to their faces without the need to press any buttons. Unlocking occurs as soon as the registered face is recognized, usually in less than one second on average. The camera is only activated when the phone is raised to the face so there is no additional battery drain when using Face Print.

Another new feature, Low Power Consumption, is built into the Qualcomm Hexagon DSP architecture integrated in the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile platform of the LG G6. The All-Ways Aware hub takes advantage of Google’s Contextual Hub Runtime Environment (CHRE) to sense and collect data at all times from both sensors and wireless connections to improve the user experience with third party applications, all the while using very little battery power and reducing latency.

Covered Lens warning prevents shutterbugs from spoiling their own photographs with an errant digit. The wide angle lens in the LG G6 covers a large field of view and as such, it can sometimes capture an unwanted finger in the frame if the shooter is not careful. This feature alerts the user with a notification on the display if a finger (or fingers) inadvertently make it into the shot before the shutter is activated.

Beyond the enhanced software, LG is introducing two new colors for the LG G6: Optical Marine Blue and Optical Terra Gold. The backs of these new phones are covered with a lenticular film to deliver a mesmeric optical effect. On the front, the 5.7-inch screen is framed in all black for a seamless, consistent look that highlights the expansiveness of the FullVision display.

The new LG G6+ features a generous 128GB of onboard storage and premium earphones from B&O PLAY to take full advantage of the 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC featured in the smartphone. Available in Optical Astro Black, Optical Marine Blue and Optical Terra Gold, the turbocharged LG G6+ comes with all the innovations of the LG G6 with the addition of wireless charging in some countries.*

“LG’s G series has always been about offering innovation and technology that we believe will appeal to as many customers as possible,” said Juno Cho, president of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “By expanding the G6 lineup with differentiating features and colors, consumers will have even more options to consider when shopping for a new smartphone.”

The exact dates of availability of the software update and the LG G6+ will be announced locally in each market.