Telegram 更新, 會有 @ 標記

在 Telegram 最方便是它的 Group Chat 功能,可以一大班人通訊交流。最新 Telegram 4.3 加入一個方便好用關於群組的功能,就是 @ 標記。

當在群組內有人 Reply 或提及你時,在 Chats List 就會有一個 @ 標記作提示,而在 Chats 內就可點按 @ 按鈕就會直接跳到相關的 Reply。當讀取所有相關訊息後,@ 按鈕就會自動隱藏。就如下面的 Gif 般。

Telegram 4.3

除了 @ 標記,Telegram 4.3 在 Stickers 功能亦有改進。用家若有五個或以上的 Stickers Set 就可以將個別 Stickers 設定為 Favourites,可以更加方便在 Sticker Panel 上面的 星星分類中找到。

Telegram 4.3 Stickers

還有,在超過100個 Members 的大型群組內,可以設定 Official Sticker Set。Member 就不用再各自將 Stickers 加至 Panel 內。

Telegram 4.3 Stickers Set


– ‘Invite Friends’ section (accessible from Contacts) has been completely redesigned.
– Twitch videos are now supported in the Telegram in-app player, so you can watch Twitch streams in Picture-in-Picture mode while chatting with your friends.
– When on a Telegram voice call, you can now check the signal strength thanks to the new indicator.
– when forwarding a message, you can long tap to select multiple recipients.
– when viewing photos in Shared Media, you can go to the place in chat where the photo was posted.
– if you have many new messages in many active chats, synchronization will happen much, much faster.