OnePlus 5 Oreo 更新正式推出

OnePlus 5 OxygenOS 5.0 Oreo

OnePlus 除了公佈將會為 OnePlus 5 增加 Face Unlock 功能外,亦在聖誕期間正式推出 OxygenOS 5.0 更新。

OxygenOS 5.0 也就是建基於 Android 8.0 Oreo。今次更新有多項改動,包括支援 Parallel Apps, Quick Settings 新設計, 時鐘增加 Alarm Calendar 功能, 計算機加入歷史記錄, Gallery 加入地方分頁, 相機亦有新的操作界面。另外還有一些 Wifi 和 Battery Saver 的改進,以及 12月份安全更新。

Updated to Android O (8.0)
– Launcher
Optimizations for Shelf
Now you can upload your photo through Shot on OnePlus

– Camera
New Camera UI design
Optimizations for photo quality
Added beauty effect for Portrait Mode

– Gallery
Added “Places” tab for viewing photos on a map

– Calculator
Added history feature

– Clock
Added alarm calendar feature

– System
Added Parallel Apps feature
New design for Quick Settings
New design for Lift up display
Added “Adaptive model” screen calibration
Optimizations for Wi-Fi
Optimizations for Battery Saver
Updated Android security patch to December

新版本 OTA 已經開始推送,最先會送至小部份用家,之後未來數天會陸續擴展至其他 OnePlus 5 用戶。

Source: OnePlus Forum