Android Oreo (Go), Android One 手機將會在 MWC 2018 亮相

Android One Program

MWC 2018 將會在數天後正式舉行,各大手機廠商都會參與,展出新產品。Google 方面亦透露 Android Oreo (Go) 和 Android One 手機亦會在 MWC 2018 上展出。

Android 系統已推出了 10年,上年 Google 就推出了 Android Oreo (Go Edition) 主要是針對一些只有 1GB RAM 的電話裝置。Go Edition 在系統資源無論是處理器又或是儲存空間的要求都較少,十分適合用於生產價格低廉的智能電話。Google 旗下不少 App 亦推出 Go 版本配合使用,例如 Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps 等。Google 表示運行 Android Oreo (Go Edition) 系統的電話將會在下星期亮相,隨後就會上市開售。

至於 Android One 電話,就是更快可獲得 Android OS 兩年更新,還會有三年的定時安全性更新,另外亦會有容易操作使用的界面方便用家。

Android One combines Google’s latest software and services with beautifully designed hardware from top partners. With an Android One phone, you can expect:

Faster access to Android OS updates for two years, including the latest AI innovations from Google;
Amongst the most secure devices in the ecosystem with regular security updates for three years and Google Play Protect built in;
A simple, streamlined interface that includes the best of Google services including YouTube, the Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Photos and more;
Performance-tested hardware so you can pick the right device for your needs and know that it will deliver a best-in-class experience for years to come.

Google 表示,在 MWC 2018 上亦會有合作廠商展示 Android One 電話。