Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo ChangeLog

Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo

Samsung 為 Galaxy S8 推出了 Android 8.0 Oreo 的升級,內裏除了有 Android 8.0 本身的改進,還有不少 Samsung 自家的改動,例如 Samsung Experience 9.0。Samsung 就在官方網站詳列出 Android 8.0 Oreo 升級的完整 Changelog。

Changelog 列出了多項改動,下面介紹一些較為特別的。
生物認證 – 當裝置只使用非安全性的屏幕鎖,生物認證解鎖或 Apps 內認證如 Samsung Pay 就會被暫停。生物認證只會於採用安全鎖屏 (Pattern, Pin, Password) 才會提供。

Samsung Keyboard – 支援 GIF

Edge screen – 改進字型大小顏色,提升 Edge Panel 可視度,並加入三個 Edge Lighting Effects

Smart View – 當裝置正在其他屏幕進行 Mirror 投放時,裝置屏幕會自動轉暗

Samsung account – 可為多個 Apps 管理 Samsung 帳戶和設定

Samsung Dual Messenger – 可將通訊 App 安裝兩個複本,同時使用兩個帳戶

Find My Mobile – 當遺失手機時,可以遙控將 Secure Folder 備份至 Samsung Cloud

To improve your security, features that use biometrics (face, fingerprints, and irises) are only available when you use a secure screen lock type (pattern, PIN, or password). When you switch to a non-secure screen lock type (Swipe or None), biometric authentication is suspended for unlocking and for verification in apps like Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass. If you’re using biometrics now without a secure screen lock type, you’ll be able to continue after the upgrade, but changing to a secure screen lock type is recommended.

Quick Panel
– Manage notifications for each app with notification categories (supported apps only).
– Icons will be shown at the bottom of the notification panel for notifications that aren’t currently visible.

Home Screen
– Touch and hold an app to display shortcuts to common or recommended tasks within the app (supported apps only).
– Notification badges on app icons are linked with the notification panel. Clear a notification in one location, and it will also be cleared in the other location.

Samsung Keyboard
– The toolbar gives quick access to useful functions.
– The GIF keyboard lets you send GIFs.
– More high-contrast keyboards are available.

System Performance
– Background services are limited to improve performance and battery life.
– Currently running apps will always be shown in the notification panel.

Edge screen
– Improved font size, color, and other settings for better Edge panel visibility.
– Touch and hold the Edge panel handle to change its position.
– Added 3 more Edge lighting effects and color customization for apps.

Lock Screen and Always On Display
– New clock styles for the Lock screen and Always On Display.
– Adjust the transparency of notifications to get the look you want.

Smart View
– Let your phone’s screen go dark when mirroring to another screen.

Samsung account
– Control your account settings and profile information for multiple apps.
– Tap your profile picture on the main Settings page to access your profile information and account settings.

Samsung Cloud
– View and manage photos and notes stored only in Samsung Cloud.
– Store any type of file in Samsung Cloud Drive.
– Select specific items to delete or restore from your backups.
– See how big each backup is and how many items it contains.

Samsung Dual Messenger
– Install a second copy of a messaging app so you can use two accounts at the same time. For apps that verify accounts using phone numbers, you’ll need a different phone number for each account.
– Touch and hold a messaging app on the Home or Apps screen to install the second account or go to Settings – Advanced features – Dual Messenger.

Find My Mobile
– Back up Secure Folder to Samsung Cloud remotely when your phone is lost.
– Lock Samsung Pass using Find My Mobile.

Samsung DeX
– See more apps at once by changing the app list view to full-screen.
– Use Game launcher in Samsung DeX for a full-screen gaming experience.
– Added support for 2 additional Samsung covers (LED View Cover, Clear View Standing Cover).

Other improvements
– Bluetooth now supports high-quality audio codecs, including AAC and Sony LDAC.
– Video player includes auto repeat and 2x speed option.
– Voice Recorder provides smart tips to conveniently block calls while recording.
– Email lets you flag Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync emails.
– Samsung Health’s new sticky notification lets you see your step count at a glance.
– Clock now includes a Landscape mode and timer sound options.
– The digital clock widget goes directly to the Clock app when you tap it.
– Samsung Pass added the ability to manage usernames and passwords in third-party apps.

Source: Samsung Mobile