OnePlus 公佈會有兩年軟件更新, 三年安全更新

OnePlus Software Update Schedule

OnePlus 在官方 Forum 公佈明確的手機軟件更新政策。OnePlus 旗下裝置包括 3/3T, 5/5T, 6 會有兩年的軟件更新,以及三年的軟件安全更新,由裝置推出日起計算。

更新會每兩個月推出,更新內容包括新功能, Android 版本更新,以及安全修正等。

As per the maintenance schedule, there will be 2 years of regular software updates from the release date of the phone (release dates of T variants would be considered), including new features, Android versions, Android security patches and bug fixes and an additional year of Android security patch updates every 2 months.

Source: OnePlus