Wear OS Youtube Music App 更新, 加直接串流, 加設 Tile

Wear OS Music App

Google 為 Wear OS 智能手表平台上的 Youtube Music App 推出了更新,帶來了兩項重要改進。

首先 Youtube Music App 可以直接經 LTE 或 Wifi 連線串流音樂,無需再經由電話進行。即是話,就算電話不在身邊,也可以繼續在 Wear OS 手表串流播放音樂。

第二項改進是支援 Tile 方塊,用家可以將 Youtube Music 加至手表主畫面上的 Tile 方塊,更加方便在手表上操控 Youtube Music。

First, starting this week you will be able to stream music over LTE* or WiFi, so you can listen to your favorite playlists wherever you go, even when your phone isn’t nearby. Second, you can now add a new YouTube Music tile to your watch that allows quick access to your recently played playlist or to the browse page of the YouTube Music app.

Source: Wear OS By Google Help