Android 13 Beta 4.1 修正數個問題

Android 13 Beta 4.1

Google 在兩星期前推出了 Android 13 Beta 4,也是 Android 13 正式推出前的最後 Beta 階段。而一如過往,在最後階段也會有一些錯誤修正,今早 Google 就推出了 Android 13 Beta 4.1 修正了數個小問題。

今次 Beta 4.1 修正了涉及 Wifi, Bluetooth, 以至關於 GPS 的問題,當中修正了連接部份 Wifi 網絡會導致裝置 Crash 甚至重啟情況。另外,今次 Beta 4.1 亦一併更新了Google Play Services 至 22.21.16。

若 Pixel 裝置之前已有 Android 13 Beta 的話,應會陸續收到 OTA 更新通知。

– Fixed an issue that prevented an app from enabling or disabling Bluetooth if it didn’t have the `BLUETOOTH_CONNECT` permission, even though the app was targeting a lower API level where the permission is not required.

– Fixed issues that sometimes caused a device to crash and reboot when connecting to certain WiFi networks.

– Fixed an issue where Google Meet connectivity could drop while driving.

– Fixed an issue where the system could incorrectly interpret GPS data.