Google Play System 八月份更新

Google Play System

Google 公佈了八月份的 Google Play 系統更新的資料,內裏有十多項改進,涉及不同範疇。

Google Play System 的更新並不涉及操作系統架構,只透過修改部份基礎架構,讓裝置可以獲功能上的改進和修正。今次八月份更新中最值得留意是 AutoFill 會有新的操作界面,不過界面會是甚麼模樣還未清楚。而 Google Play Store 部份亦有多項改進,包括改進 Play-as-you-download, 改進更穩定和快速的下載和安裝, 還有 Play Pass和Play Points 有新功能,另外還有其他的修正和改進等等。

August 2022
Google Play Store
Improvements to Play-as-you-download feature to let gamers start playing mobile games while the app download continues to reduce waiting times.[3] New Features to help you discover the Apps & Games you love.[3] Optimizations allowing faster and more reliable download and installation.[3] New features to the Play Pass and Play Points programs.[3] Enhancements to Google Play Billing.[3] Continuous improvements to Play Protect to keep your device safe.[3] Various performance optimizations, bug fixes and improvements to security, stability and accessibility.[3]

[Phone] This release adds link groups to GoogleHelp to give users detailed help instructions from apps.[2] [Phone] Adds support for Material 3 dynamic color in Android Help.[2]

System Management & Diagnostics
[Phone] New settings screens provide better visibility into and control over the functionality in Google Play services on your device.[2]

[Phone] New UI for AutoFill.[2]

[Phone] Allows users to add new eMoney cards to Google Pay to pay on transit and in stores in Japan.[2]

Developer Services
New developer features for Google and third party app developers to support Location & Context related developer services in their apps.[2]

System Management
Updates to system management services that improve security, and stability.[2] [2] Available through Google Play services v33.22 updated on 08/18/2022

[3] Available through Google Play Store v31.1 updated on 07/28/2022.

Source: Google