Google 為 Pixel Watch 手表推出首個更新

Pixel Watch 手表更新

Google Pixel Watch 手表在一個月前正式推出,Google 今早就為手表推出首個更新。並會在今天開始分批向 Pixel Watch 推送,並在數星期內陸續推送。今次 Pixel Watch 更新,主要是修正一些錯誤,並改善了 Fitbit 體驗和整合。

The November 2022 update includes bug fixes and improvements for Fitbit experiences and integration.

Fitbit integration setting is now available on the App’s home screen.
Fitbit is easy to set up through a single tap from within the Pixel Watch App.
Fitbit sync information is accessible from the home screen.

Bug fixes related to the eSim setup.

Tips and Support
The 3D tutorial of the Watch is now available after OOBE in the “Tips & support” section.