Google 確認 Pixel Watch 將可支援交通卡

Google Pixel Watch

Google 幾天前在 Pixel Watch Community 回應表示,將來 Pixel Watch 更新可支援交通卡功能。

Google 表示現時用家未能將交通卡 Transit Card 加至 Pixel Watch 的 Wallet 內。但 Google 計劃將來提供軟件更新,將可支援交通卡。

Can I add closed loop transit cards in my Google Wallet on my Pixel Watch?

At this moment, you won’t be able to add a closed loop transit card to your Wallet on the Google Pixel Watch. We are planning to bring this feature to our users in a future software update. [Note: In Japan, Suica is supported. The feature is branded Google Pay and runs Felica.]

若果可以在 Pixel Watch 直接使用交通卡搭車,就更加方便,只需要揮一揮手,用手表拍卡便可。