Google Home App 推出 Public Preview, 可率先體驗新功能

Google Home App 最新推出了 Public Preview Program,可讓用家參與率先體驗新功能,用家亦可就新功能回饋意見以讓 Google 作出改善。

想參與 Public Preview 的話,只需要在 Google Home App 設定內,點按 Publie Preview 公開預覽,之後再選擇 Request Invite 邀請要求。之後就等待 Google 方面的批准。若要求批準,Google Home App 就會有通知提示,指稍後會更新至 Public Preview,當收到更新通知,只需點按 Got it 便可。在 Google Home App 畫面上,亦會有一個 Preview 字眼作提示。

Google Home App Public PreviewGoogle Home App Public Preview 公開預覽

現時在 Public Preview 版本內,已有數項新功能讓用家體驗試用,包括 Favorites 設置喜愛裝置和動作,Spaces 可快速存取裝置群組,Media Mini Player等。

New app experience
Favorites: Easily access your favorite devices and actions. This includes the ability to favorite your cameras so you can view your live streams right when you launch the app
Spaces: Quickly access groups of similar devices such as lights
Devices: Find all of your devices and easily check their status
Refreshed camera and timeline views:
Vertical video history timeline: Quickly scrub through hours of video history or jump to live view
Event views: Access a list of events and scrub to an exact moment. See video in landscape mode on your phone or tablet
Quick actions: See and talk to anyone in front of your camera or doorbell with live or pre-recorded messages. Call emergency services (U.S. Nest Aware subscribers only), access device settings and download any event to your phone
Media mini player: See what’s playing in your home and adjust the volume or access the remote
Activity: Review what happened in and around your home
Settings: Find and manage devices, services and home members