Android 13 QPR2 Beta 3 推出, 修正多個問題

踏入2月,Google 為 Android 13 QPR2 推出了 Beta 3 版本,今次版本號為 T2B3.230109.002,主要是修正問題,改善效能表現和提升穩定性。

之前 Beta 2.1 是為了修復連線問題,因影響到主要操作而額外推出的版本,而今次 Beta 3 修正的都是一些相對較小型的問題。之前已登記 Android Beta Program 的 Pixel 4a 至到 Pixel 7/Pro 裝置,應會陸續收到 OTA 更新通知,可下載安裝。若想試用的話就可以到 Android Beta Program 登記參與。而 Android QPR2 正式版本就會在三月推出。

The following issues have been resolved in Android 13 QPR2 Beta 3:

Developer-reported and user-reported issues
– Fixed an issue where notifications in a notification group were sometimes displayed with straight corners instead of rounded corners. (Issue #264287776, Issue #265529116)
– Fixed an issue where the message in the notification shade that indicates an active VPN connection overlapped with the message about apps with active foreground services. (Issue #266075977)
– Fixed an issue where the overflow menu couldn’t be accessed when editing Quick Settings tiles. (Issue #263484657)
– Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a device with vibration enabled to vibrate for too long after it received a notification. (Issue #239676913)

Other resolved issues
– Fixed an issue that sometimes caused messaging apps to crash or fail to send notifications.
– Fixed a GPU issue that prevented apps from using certain visual effects.
– Fixed an issue where Quick Settings tiles for a work profile were not added after setting up a new device.
– Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Pixel launcher to crash when using the Search bar in the app drawer.
– Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented a device from being unlocked using a pattern after the Google Assistant was activated.
– Fixed an issue in the system process that sometimes caused crashes.
– Fixed an issue with the Pixel launcher that prevented Chinese text input from being recognized when typing in the Search bar in the app drawer.
– Fixed an issue where when entering and exiting Picture-in-picture (PiP) mode from an app after changing the screen orientation, the system Settings app crashed with a “Settings keeps stopping” message and then the system Settings app couldn’t be opened.
– Fixed an issue with the System UI that sometimes caused it to crash from a null pointer exception.
– Fixed an issue where the connection status of a Bluetooth device sometimes did not match the actual device state.
– Fixed an issue where the Pixel launcher crashed when a user tapped a web search suggestion for a query term.
– Fixed an issue that caused status bar icons to overlap with the date text when font and display settings were set to their maximum level on a device.