Google Assistant 只會有 Dark Mode

Android 系統設有 Light Mode 和 Dark Mode 讓不同用家選擇,而個別應用程式一般亦會對應系統的預設模式作顯示,又或讓用家自行選擇 Light Mode 或 Dark Mode。

早前外國有部份用家發現 Google Assistant 介面只以 Dark Mode 顯示,就算 Android 系統選用了 Light Mode,但 Google Assistant 仍是 Dark Mode。Google 近日就公佈 Google Assistant 只會提供 Dark Mode,不會有 Light Mode。

Google 人員在 Google Assistant Help Page 表示,Google Assistant 會不斷測試以作改進,為了統一產品在不同裝置上的外觀一致性,之前 Google Assistant Light Mode 不會再提供,並會變成 Dark Mode,就算電話內將 Dark Mode 關閉,Google Assistant 仍會以 Dark Mode 顯示。

Google Assistant regularly tries new ideas to see what works and what could work better. This includes ways to make our products look and feel consistent throughout our product ecosystem. To offer a more helpful visual experience across all your devices, including Pixel Watch and Google TV, when you engage with Assistant on mobile Light mode is no longer available – it will now have a dark appearance, even if you have Dark theme turned off in your phone settings.

Source: Google Assistant Help