Android 14 Beta 2.1 推出, 修正多項操作使用問題

Android 14 Beta 2.1

最新消息!Google已經釋出了 Android 14 Beta 2.1 版本,解決一些一直影響用戶操作的錯誤。這次更新修復了多項問題,包括有關設置、電池百分比顯示、音頻干擾和系統穩定性等方面。

例如: Android 14 Beta 2.1版本已經解決了一個問題,該問題會阻止用戶在選擇運行Android 14 beta版本的設備後完成設備設置。此外,更新還修復了其他問題,如電池顯示為0%、揚聲器發生音頻干擾以及應用程序或設備凍結或崩潰等系統穩定性問題。

– Fixed an issue that prevented users from completing device setup after opting a device running an Android 14 beta build out of the beta program. However, this fix is not backward compatible, so users that want to opt out of the beta program should take the following steps before opting out:

> Update the device to Android 14 Beta 2.1, either through the over-the-air (OTA) update prompt, or by downloading an OTA image and then applying the update manually.

> If your device is already opted out of the beta program and currently experiencing this issue, follow the steps above and download Beta 2.1.

> Reset the pin, pattern, or password that’s used on the device by navigating to Settings > Security & privacy > Screen lock. You can use the same pin, pattern, or password that was used previously, but you need to go through the setup flow.

> Opt out of the beta program by following the instructions listed for the “How can I opt out and return to a public Android release” question in the FAQ section of the Android Beta Program page. If your device is not enrolled, you can download the public Android 13 images instead.

– Fixed more issues that could cause the battery percentage to display as 0% regardless of the actual charge level of the device. (Issue #281890661)

– Fixed issues that sometimes caused audio disruptions with the device’s speakers. (Issue #282020333, Issue #281926462, Issue #282558809)

– Fixed system stability issues that could cause apps or the device to freeze or crash. (Issue #281108515)

– Fixed an issue with always-on-display mode when using a device with Android Auto. (Issue #282184174)

– Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Google Photos app to crash when trying to open certain photos.

– Fixed an issue where, while gesture navigation was enabled for a device, putting a video into picture-in-picture mode in the Google TV app made the picture-in-picture window disappear, even though playback continued and audio could still be heard.

– Fixed an issue that caused the Google Contacts app to crash when managing account settings.

– Fixed an issue where the icon for the Google Messages app did not display for notifications when always-on-display mode was enabled.

登記 Android Beta Program
如果目前已註冊加入了Android Beta計劃,將自動獲得提供的Android 14 Beta 2.1版本的空中更新(OTA)。此次更新適用於Pixel 4a 5G、5、5a、6、6 Pro、6a、7和7 Pro系列設備。如果註冊設備仍運行Android 13 QPR3 beta版本,而選擇不升級到Android 14 Beta 2.1版本,則繼續可收到QPR3 Beta更新。

如果尚未註冊加入Android Beta計劃,想要體驗最新的Android 14 Beta 2.1版本,可以到 登記。要留意,可能需要最多24小時才能收到OTA更新,也可以通過進入「設置」>「系統」>「系統更新」,檢查是否有更新。

按照之前公佈的 Android 14 時間表,預計下個月將會推出 Android 14 Beta 3 版本,也就是進入 Platform Stability 階段。

Source: Android Developers