Pixel Watch 今年稍後也會有 Wear OS 4 升級

Wear OS 4

Google 推出 Wear OS 4,為更多設備帶來全新用戶體驗,其中包括期待已久的 Google Pixel Watch 2!Wear OS 4 基於 Android 13,比目前的 Wear OS 版本更新了數個版本。

Pixel Watch 2 在 Made by Google 活動中正式亮相,並將於本月正式推出時支援 Wear OS 4。Wear OS 4 帶來了一系列令人振奮的功能和改進,包括獨特的錶盤格式、無縫數據傳輸和增強型磚塊,讓用戶能夠享受更豐富、更愉悅的應用體驗。

值得一提的是,今年稍後 Pixel 手錶將獲得系統更新,升級至 Wear OS 4,這將進一步擴大能夠在最新軟件上體驗您應用功能的用戶群。

Pixel Watch 2, announced at Made by Google, will support Wear OS 4 upon its release this month. Wear OS 4 brings features and improvements to help you deliver more engaging and delightful experiences in your app.

Later this year, Pixel Watches will receive a system update to Wear OS 4