Google 推出 Android 15 Beta 2.2 版本

Android 15 Beta 2.2

Google 持續為 Android 15 Beta 版改進,最新推出了 Beta 2.2 更新,版本號為 AP31.240426.023.B4,今次更新修復了多個問題。

其中一個是承接上次 Beta 2.1 更新關於建立 Private Space 時的問題。當用戶首次創建 Private Space 時,一些應用程式圖示會從主屏幕上消失。另外,今次 Beta 2.2 亦解決了在某些情況下 NFC 付款被妨礙的問題,以及一個關於 NFC observe mode 的問題,這相信有會讓付款更加流暢和穩定。

更新還修復了向上滑動時無法打開應用程式抽屜的問題。同時,解決了某些 10-bit HDR 影片出現綠色色調的問題。還有修正了其他問題,提升系統穩定性、互動性和連接性。

This minor update to Android 15 Beta 2 includes the following fixes:

– Fixed remaining issues where creating a private space on a device for the first time removed app icons from the Home screen (or Home screens if more than one Home screen had been added). (Issue #340868295)
– Fixed an issue with the Wallet role that prevented NFC payments from functioning in some cases. (Issue #340933949)
– Fixed an issue where the app drawer didn’t open when swiping up. (Issue #335798568)
– Fixed an issue with NFC observe mode that prevented NFC payments from processing in some cases.
– Fixed an issue that sometimes caused videos that were recorded using 10-bit HDR to have a green tint.
– Fixed various other issues that were impacting system stability, interactivity, and connectivity.

與上次更新一樣,這次更新將透過 OTA 推送給所有參加 Android Beta 計劃的合資格設備。這包括Pixel 8a、Pixel 8、Pixel 8 Pro、Pixel 7a、Pixel 7 Pro、Pixel 7、Pixel 6a、Pixel 6 Pro、Pixel 6、Pixel Fold和Pixel Tablet。

Source: Android Developer