Evernote for Android 加入 Reminder 提醒功能

Evernote for Android 推出新版本 5.1,加入了期待已久的 Reminder 提醒功能,亦有對應的 To-dos List等。

要在記事加入 Reminder 十分簡單,只要點按 [鬧鐘] 點示,再選擇設定日期便可。

Evernote ReminderEvernote Reminder


Evernote Reminder

而在主畫面內,記事列上方會有 Reminders 提醒事項,列出附有 Reminder 的記事。前方設有空格,可以直接勾選記事,標示為已完成事項。

Evernote Reminder

Reminder: 3 features in 1
– Alarms: Set due date and notifications for your notes
– Note based to-dos: Mark notes as done
– Pin notes: Order Reminder manually or by date
More Reminders features
– Create Reminders in any note view and note composer
– View Reminders by notebook
– Subscribe to Reminders in Shared and Business Notebooks
Other improvements
– Improved copy/paste in note view
– Corrected photo order in multi-shot camera
– Improved shortcuts functionality
– Improved Japanese support

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