OnePlus 8T 推出 更新, 多項改進

OnePlus 8T OxygenOS

OnePlus 8T 推出了 OxygenOS 更新,雖然沒有新功能但就有多項改進。

這個 版本改進了系統, 相機和網絡三部份。系統方面就改進了電源效能消耗並減低機身溫度,還有改進了防止誤按和提升部份主流遊戲的流暢度。相機方面就改善了圖像效果帶來更好的拍攝體驗,至於網絡連線亦改進了,提升網絡訊號強度。除了這些改進外,另外亦修正數項問題。

– Improved system power consumption performance to reduce heating
– Improved mis-touch prevention to offer a better gaming experience
– Optimized fluidity with some mainstream games to reduce lagging risks
– Optimized user experience with Alert Slider by adding toast messages when switching among the 3 modes
– Fixed the issue that the status bar kept hovering on the screen in landscape mode
– Fixed the issue that Play Store could not install the app
– Optimized the imaging effect to bring you with better shooting experience
– Improved camera stability
– Optimized mobile network connection to improve the network intensity with signal
– Fixed the small probability issue with network interruption while playing games

OTA 更新會分階段推送,最初會先向少部份裝置推送,之後數天就會陸續擴展至更多裝置。OnePlus 8T 用家可以留意裝置有沒有收到 OTA 更新。

Source: OnePlus Forum